Lynne Hammond

Lynne Hammond

Lynne Hammond travels nationally and internationally as a teacher and author on the subject of prayer. She regularly writes articles in the Winner's Way magazine and publishes a newsletter called PrayerNotes for people of prayer. In addition, Lynne's prayer books The Master Is Calling, Renewed In His Presence, Secrets To Powerful Prayer, and When Healing Doesn't Come Easily have been translated into several different languages.

Lynne and her husband, Mac, pastor Living Word Christian Center, a large and growing church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The desire of Lynne's heart is to impart Holy Spirit and corporate-led prayer to churches throughout the world. Under her leadership, the prayer ministry at Living Word has become a nationally and internationally recognized model for developing effective pray-ers in the local church.

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Hour of No Impossibility
SKU: 707
Pocket-book by Lynne Hammond
Secrets to Powerful Prayer
SKU: 3062
Paperback book by Lynne Hammond and Patsy Cameneti
Keys to Compatibility
SKU: 3442
Paperback book by Mac and Lynne Hammond
Living In the Presence of God
SKU: 805
Pocket-book by Lynne Hammond
End Of Our Faith
SKU: 804
Pocket-book by Lynne Hammond
When God Invades the Earth
SKU: 708
Pocket-Book by Lynne Hammond
Heaven's Power For The Harvest
SKU: 240
Pocket-book by Lynne Hammond
Staying Faith
SKU: 243
Pocket-book by Lynne Hammond
The Master is Calling
SKU: 715
$14.99 $11.99
Paperback book by Lynne Hammond