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Col Stringer

Col Stringer
The Stringers are in great demand to speak at churches and conventions in many countries. Col's unique background of wildlife and humour have won for him the title of "Pastor Crocodile Dundee". He is the successful author of 10 hunting/fishing and over 20 Christian books, with total sales of 300,000. The thrust of their ministry covers the home/marriage, leadership, renewing the mind.

The Stringers today travel extensively speaking throughout much of the world. Col has spoken for such well known ministries as Kenneth Hagin at Rhema USA, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, etc. He has spoken at The Great Hall in Federal Parliament, Parliament House Brisbane and Parliament House in Sydney. He serves on many ministry boards as well as being Australian President of the International Convention of Faith Ministries International. Over fifty ministers in different nations relate to Col and Jan as their pastors.

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